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Naturally Delicious. Predictably Fun.

What’s your occasion?


Whether you’re in the mood to kick back or cut loose, we made this drink for you. Pine and Star THC Drinks are high quality and accurately dosed to create an occasion every time you crack open a bottle. 

Made with Real Fruit Juice

Pine and Star THC Drinks are full of flavor. We proudly brew our beverages in the great State of Maine with all natural ingredients.

fast acting fun

Everyone is different, but most people feel the effects of this drink in about 15 minutes due to our emulsified delivery of THC.

Forward Thinking Drinking

Do you hate hangovers? So do we. That’s why we created a drink you can enjoy without the worry of tomorrow’s headache.

feature flavor

Cinnamon Cider

A Cider Like No Other.

We promise you’ve never had cider like this before. Our flagship flavor was carefully crafted to deliver the crisp & delightful tastes of apple & cinnamon.  Thoughtfully dosed for reliable fun.

Head to your local dispensary and try one today